Canon PIXMA G6020 Wireless MegaTank All-In-One Printer

Canon PIXMA G6020 Review

Canon PIXMA G6020 Wireless MegaTank All-In-One Printer

PIXMA G6020 is a complete inkjet printer with scan and copy functions. This works with Windows and macOS. The main paper tray capacity is 250 sheets, a generous size.

Canon PIXMA G6020 Wireless MegaTank All-In-One PrinterIt can accept paper up to 29 # base weight, slightly heavier than ordinary office ties, but less than many printers can accept. It has a second tray that can hold 100 sheets. The printer does not have a display screen. It has USB PictBridge for printing directly from the camera.

You can connect directly to a PC with a USB cable, or to your network router wirelessly with WiFi or with an Ethernet cable. When setting it to use, the PIXMA G6020 requires space that measures 14.2 inches high by 15.7 inches wide by 26 inches and weighs 17.9 pounds.


PIXMA G6020 has a great design. Although made entirely of plastic, this printer feels sturdy and well built. The scanner lid can remain open without assistance, which prevents it from falling when you refill the ink tank, and it can be expanded to accommodate thicker documents or books.

The front input tray has a small window where you can check the remaining paper, so you no longer need to open the tray and potentially interfere with print jobs.

The only part of the printer that feels lower quality is the rear input tray. It’s quite flexible. One more thing that needs to be mentioned is that the printhead can be removed, so you can more easily replace it if it is damaged or clogged.


G6020 Printer is quite compact and suitable when placed in a small space. It has the same width as the Canon PIXMA G7020, but it is not as high as the lack of an automatic document feeder.

Screen Display

This part is very unfortunate. The G6020 has a bad screen console. This is a small monochrome screen, a 2-Line Full-Dot Matrix Screen. Visibility does not matter whether you are standing or sitting, and the screen can be tilted upward to make it easier to see.

Keep in mind that this is not a touch screen, so navigating the menu can only be done with the buttons around it, also to make typing in Wi-Fi passwords and very tedious tasks.


For matters of scanning, the G6020 has mediocre scanning features. It does not have an automatic document feeder, which makes scanning long documents quite labor-intensive. On the upside, the scanner lid can be slightly widened if you need to scan a document or thick book.

Note that when scanning with Canon’s IJ software, the default scan resolution is set to 600 DPI. If you want to scan at a higher resolution, you must access the ‘Advanced Mode’ tab in the settings menu and change the output resolution manually.


PIXMA G6020 has a super tank system that is extraordinary. Instead of cartridges, there are four large capacity tanks that you refill with ink bottles. These tanks can produce extraordinary pages, so you will rarely refill them unless you print on a very large scale.

Printing Speed

The PIXMA G6020 has sub-par printing speeds. When printing a black document only, it takes a few moments to print the first page, and it doesn’t become much faster for the next page. Color documents are even slower but perform well when printing photos. Luckily, it has two trays that can hold up to 350 sheets of paper, so you can keep it working while you do other things.

Photo Print Quality

PIXMA G6020 has good photo print quality. Colors are well defined, but they look rather flat and lackluster. There are also some spots in the picture.

These results are based on actual physical photos, not the scanned images provided for reference above, which may not represent the print quality of the printer photo.


PIXMA G6020 has great connectivity options. It supports most wireless connections, including printing from mobile devices using AirPrint or Mopria. However, it does not support Bluetooth or external storage devices such as USB thumb drives and SD cards.

Mobile Print App

PIXMA G6020 is compatible with Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY mobile app. This allows you to carry out most tasks, such as printing, scanning, and copying. The scanned image can also be viewed directly on your smartphone, and you can also print from social media and photo sharing sites. The only thing that can’t be done is printing a text file.

Setup Process

Setting up the PIXMA G6020 is not a difficult process, but takes more time than ordinary inkjet. It starts with removing the packaging tape, just like any AIO, and then you must install the printer cartridge. As I mentioned before, this cartridge is connected to the ink tank by a series of tubes, and you only need to install it once.

The next step is to add ink, and the printer is equipped with a lot of ink, with a large black ink reservoir and a smaller tank for cyan, magenta, and yellow coloring. Each tank is closed by a flip-up holder, and you need to empty the right bottle into the right tank.

After filling the tank, you can continue with the settings. There is no setup wizard, but turning on the printer and continuing with confirmation will eventually take you to the point where the smartphone application can take over.

Operating costs

One of the best things about this printer is how affordable it is to operate. As a MegaTank printer, you benefit from the fact that you are basically buying large quantities of ink, filling your own large tank instead of replacing expensive low-volume cartridges.

In the same way that high volume cartridges reduce costs on other printers, eliminating replaceable cartridges for large tanks allows the PIXMA G6020 to offer high-quality results at a price of less than one cent per page.

The PIXMA G6020 comes with a large supply of ink as well, which helps fund the cost of the printer itself. You get three bottles of black ink, which according to Canon will print up to 18,000 monochrome documents, and each one cyan, magenta, and yellow bottles, or enough to print around 7,700 color pages when combined with blank ink.

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